Month: March 2020

What are the common types of Bearded dragon lighting?

  Bearded dragon lighting is an important part that indispensable when setting up a vivarium for your bearded dragon. As we all knew, they come from the dry, hot desert areas of Australian where they can get UVA and UVB radiation naturally by basking under the sun. Setting up your bearded dragon’s tank with the [Continue]

Why you should buy bearded dragon harness and leash?

Bearded dragon desperately needs vitamin D3 to develop strong bones, support reproduction and shedding. The abundance of natural Vitamin D3 that anyone can absorb is sunlight. That’s why you should bearded dragon out in the sun at least once a week. However, bearded dragons are like other pets, excited to explore the strange space outside [Continue]

How to choose the best rated cheese graters?

Cheese is one of the ingredients with great texture and flavor and it can blend in with any flavor. A cheese grater is needed so you can shred the cheese for your dishes. And it is also one of the essential appliances that you should have in your kitchen. Cheese grater can save you time [Continue]